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Prove your manliness in this adaptation of
Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Sea"

Contains spoilers for Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Sea".
Read the book for the full experience.

How to play.
Click on stuff

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Nice things people wrote about this game

"A beautifully drawn, if grotesque, pricking of macho pomp and the shallowness of such posturing, but it achieves its hold nonetheless."
– Alec Meer, Rock Paper Shotgun

"I'd love to see more games capture literary conceits in such creative ways."
– Leigh Alexander, BoingBoing Offworld

"Pretty smart for a game about arm wrestling a giant fish."
– Laura Kate Dale, Destructoid

"I'm just really happy I beat a whole string of fish (and a lion) at arm wrestling."
– Julian Benson, Kotaku UK


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Playing this game gave me the stigmata. 

i killed the shark. and the shark killed my fish. 10/10

Never have I felt so close to Hemingway. I'm a man now; I must live and breathe absinthe and scotch while boasting some truly uh. visceral pubic hair.

Wish me luck.

I love this game, caught me off guard hahahah. This game was included in 2 weird games. 


Cute but also hot game lol. Thank you!

Oh man. finished the spear fish and was exhausted. THE I REALISED THAT THERE WAS A FINAL BOSS

XD amazing game it was perfect for my video :D.

Nice video! Thanks for playing my game :)

Awesome game enjoy my video with it in it even though i must have missed a lot

Thanks for playing and replying. I watched the video and it seems that there is a bug with the zoom in on the characters which cuts off the text and the black button on the right inside the speech bubble. You can see it a bit in the video. Not really sure why that happend and I've never seen it in any other letsplay. I'm very sorry for that :(

I cannot describe how amazing this game is. Play it, it's funny and educ


We're the little man in the boat!

The only time I read Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Sea" was back in college, but as soon as I came across this, I had to check it out.

Graphically, it's great. The nipple elbows and banana hammocks are... definitely eye catching to say the least. However, considering the essence of machismo (especially given the fact this is in honor of a story of a salty old man who fished for freakin' marlins), I can give it its due credit.

Musically, it's good. Controls are simple (just a mouse click), yet they do their job.

Overall, this is a damn good reinterpretation of Hemingway's classic work. Kinda makes me want to go back and revisit it, to be honest. Very nice!